Commercial Mortgage Loans Posted By : Pierre McLean

The value and requirements of commercial mortgages are presented including borrower and property financial criteria to accommodate the loan securing process These mortgage loans are essential to assist commercial real estate buyers with financing the purchase and refinance of commercial real estate. A synopsis of the underwriting process provides borrowers a basic understanding of some of the processes applied by lenders in qualifying a loan.

Bank or Mortgage Company Whats the Better Choice? Posted By : webmaster homeloans

There has been a long-running debate as to whether a borrower should use a bank or a mortgage company to obtain a loan for home purchase or refinance Zoplay In the vast majority of loans issued, the mortgage is sold off into a large pool of loans, called Mortgage Backs, sold back to the public as securities. So contrary to popular belief, these service entities have no ownership position in individual mortgages.

Refinance with a Purpose Posted By : webmaster homeloans

So many homeowners rush to refinance when rates decline. A home mortgage is typically the largest financial transaction that individuals make in their lifetime. The vast majority of homeowners will secure their mortgages based solely upon the interest rate, and then wonder how to work their financial goals around it. First, have a long-term financial strategy in place. Then you can find a mortgage that fits into and helps achieve the goal of that plan.

Mortgage ABC’s Posted By : BillM

Buying your first home can seem intimidating especially when faced with many different loan types. When researching general information about the most popular home loan types, remember it is not as simple as finding the cheapest interest rate

What is the best mortgage in the market? Posted By : David Nalin

The reality is that the best mortgage is the one that meets all your requirements in a mortgage loan. These obviously differ from one borrower to the next Zobay For a first home buyer the best mortgage is likely to be a basic variable rate loan with redraw and the option to fix your interest rate. No matter what mortgage you are looking for these are the 2 features which are critical to have as part of your best mortgage package. Generally basic variable rate mortgages are priced very competitively you are not paying a higher interest rate for features that you may have no need for.

How Time Influences Mortgage Refinancing Posted By : AllanY

The prime factors behind the drive to refinance are the rising rates of unemployment, new programs by Freddie and Fannie Mae, and actions made by the Federal Reserve. With the Federal Reserve constantly working to keep interest rates low, and programs available that encourage homeowners to refinance their mortgages, this may be the best time to refinance a high-priced mortgage. This may also be the best time to refinance a mortgage for a longer term.